Caribbean Blockchain Network

Network for blockchain and Crypto enthusiasts focusing on the caribbean

Caribbean Blockchain Network DAO viability research report 2019


Educate about the potential of blockchain technology and create a Caribbean network focused on
development and collaboration.


Transform the Caribbean region into a prosperous and interconnected environment that promotes human 
well-being through innovation and trust. 

Interviews with industry leaders and great thinkers

The CBN interviews provide you with first-hand insights from industry leaders and great thinkers!

Find out more about how Blockchain could revolutionize industries, the latest developments in the Caribbean region, and dive deep into all aspects of this great technology.

Take a look behind the scenes of some of the most revolutionizing Blockchain and Crypto start-ups in the CBN project interview series.

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The Caribbean Blockchain Network is an open network, of individuals and organization that seeks to expand the knowledge and understanding of blockchain and related emerging technologies. We aim to harness the power of emerging technologies to improve wellbeing and welfare in the Caribbean region. Because in the end, a technology is only successful if it has a positive influence on society. Let’s unite our energy and knowledge to transform the Caribbean region into a more prosperous and interconnected environment.