Meet the faces behind CBN

Early 2017 a group of Blockchain enthusiast from Caribbean descent was looking for a place to share their thoughts about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. They created the Caribbean Blockchain Group chat to do so. Almost a year later a meetup was organized which led to the creation of the Caribbean Blockchain Network, a platform for blockchain and crypto enthusiast tailor-made for the Caribbean region

We’re an open platform, a network of individuals and organization that seeks to expand the knowledge and understanding of  blockchain and related emerging technologies. We aim to harness the power of emerging technologies to improve wellbeing and welfare in the Caribbean region. Because in the end, a technology is only successful if it has a positive influence on society. Let’s unite our energy and knowledge to transform the Caribbean region into a more prosperous and interconnected environment.  


Educate about the potential of blockchain technology and create a Caribbean network focused around
development and collaboration.


Transform the Caribbean region into a prosperous and interconnected environment that promotes human
well-being through innovation and trust.


Educating about blockchain and other
emerging technologies


Creating a community of technology enthusiasts, innovators and entrepreneurs


Creating and Implementing value enhancing
Blockchains in the Caribbean

What's a CBN Node?

A CBN node is an independent individual or organisation who communicates with other nodes in the network to develop the Caribbean region through innovation and trust.

Yanick Hamen
Genesis Block

Primary initiator of what is now known as the Caribbean Blockchain Network. He brought us together and shared his ideas and the collective vision that lives strong within the network. The rest is history. We are gratefull for kickstarting this extraordinary network. Rest in power to a fellow brother and fallen node.

Ruben RUssel
Network Node

Aiming to fundamentally change
legacy systems on a social, technological/organizational level

Fernando trouw
Content/Dev Node​

Bsc Environmental Engineer, aspiring web developer.  I love to understand problems, discuss solutions and build stuff.

Timothy Huyzen
Research Node

The best way to improve opportunities in society is by empowering the people.

Adric Walter
Advisor Node

Passionate about building great, large scale and scalable tech platforms that empower nations.

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