Fernando Trouw

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The advent of the Internet brought with it the opportunity for the much needed dissolving of centralized economic power in the so-called free market. Because it would allow for individuals to coordinate and cooperate, regardless of space and time. This could have completely changed the organizational model of institutions and allow for the value that is created to be more equally shared. Yet 30 years later, the exact opposite has occurred, institutions (corporations) are more powerful then ever and the wealth gap is as wide as it has ever been. This goes to show that technology alone is not necessarily going to benefit society as a whole. Again, with Blockchain technology we have reached a point in the human story, in which we have the opportunity to change our economic models of organization in such a way that human well-being instead of corporate (for profit) interest is considered. How the story unfolds completely depends on how we choose to apply the technology. I have made it my mission to see that Blockchain technology is applied to actually free human beings instead of enslaving them in their pursuit of their own prosperity.

“Those that have the privilege to know, have the duty to act -Einstein”