Curacao Blockchain Week

Blockchain is ushering in a new era of innovation and Curaçao has the opportunity to benefit from it!

We proudly announce the Curaçao Blockchain Week, a week filled with workshops, meetups and special events around Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to further progress the developments in Curaçao.

Join us for the first edition of CBW between April 22nd — April 26th to learn, connect and create with the rest of the community.

Schedule – Press links for more info!
Monday: Introduction to Blockchain & Crypto (Ang 35.-) 19:00–21:00
Tuesday: Current State of Blockchain & Crypto (Ang 35.-) 19:00–21:00
Wednesday: Future of Organization – Theory Day (FREE) 19:00–21:00
Thursday: Crypto for Business (Ang 35.-) 9:30–11:30 | Ethereum DAPP development coding workshop (Ang 75.-) 18:00–22:00
Friday: Future of Organization – Building Day (FREE) 9:30–11:30

All workshops will be organized at Blockchain Labs.
Presentations are in English, but questions can be in Papiamentu or Dutch.
Please reserve your tickets online and pay with cash at the door!

Ethereum DAPP development coding workshop: In this 4-hour workshop hosted by Shannon Clarke, a software developer at Polymath, you will get hands-on experience with Ethereum DAPP development which is a great introduction to Blockchain & Smart Contract programming.

Future of Organization 2-day workshop: Back in December, we conducted research funded through Alchemy, DAOstack’s decentralize fund, to figure out if a decentralized organization could have potential benefits for Curaçao and concluded there that there are multiple instances where this could be the case. In this 2-day workshop, we will further explore this idea and take the first step towards creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in Curaçao.

In the first day, we will introduce you to the tools and thought processes that can help us shape a better more decentralized future. With the newly acquired knowledge about decentralized organizations and ideas about how to improve Curaçao, we will use several tested methods to design a DAO that creates sustainable development for CuraçaoTogether with the developers present, we will be able to sketch out the technological needs and take the first steps towards creating the first DAO in the Caribbean!

Curaçao Blockchain Week is an open initiative for the community by the community. We invite all organizations and individuals to get involved and organize blockchain related events and activities during this week.

If you want to organize a meetup, information session, sponsor or help in any other way please fill in this form to get involved.

We hope to see you there,

Team CBW

For questions or media inquiries please reach out here.

Ban duna di nos parti
p’e isla prosperá.
Laga nos uni forsa
p’asina triumfá.

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