Crypto experts from Curacao teach in Mexico

Last week two persons flew from Curaçao to Mexico to train on blockchain and crypto assets personnel of the Mexico Central Bank and other top executives of the largest Banks in that country. Mexico is moving forward in the blockchain industry, with a Crypto Exchange that has more than 500.000 accounts operating Cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to other ones not that popular at the moment. William Santiago, who currently works at Curacao Central Bank and Francisco Santos, partner of a Crypto Hedge Fund named Op Return, are cooperating with AFI (Analistas Financieros Internacionales), the largest Financial Consulting Company in Spain in an international training program to financial institutions on crypto assets and blockchain. “We are training these institutions in cryptography, cybersecurity, business cases, trading, and regulation, that in 2019 is going to be the main driver of the crypto market”, comments Mr. Santiago.

Crypto Mexico Curacao

William is the pioneer that created years ago the MeetUp crypto community in Curacao around the only crypto asset at that time, the Bitcoin. Francisco is CEO of different companies, and an economist helping to bridge the gap between the institutions an the developers. After years of learning and thriving in the silent community of computer scientists, hackers and cypherpunks, now the crypto community in Curacao is not anymore a small hidden group but a growing amount of different mixed people that are adding value in different projects from Curacao to other jurisdictions. “After the efforts made by the Central Bank and different entrepreneurs, we expect Curacao to have an important role in this industry, there is still time to get on board but other countries and jurisdictions are moving fast on this global race, on November we will be talking in Madrid about this specific subject, the crypto regulation”, comments Mr. Santos.

The presentation last week of Fidelity, the Wall Street financial operator with more than 7 trillion USD in managed assets about its entrance on the crypto custody business, opening the space to the largest financial institutions in the first quarter of 2019, is a wake-up call for the rest of the sector. The technical solutions are ready, innovation always moves faster than regulators, the opportunity is set for the players. The core crypto industry has moved from one to other jurisdiction looking for the best choice. Already Coinbase a crypto exchange in the USA with more than 17 million accounts is evaluated above 8 billion USD, the new bankers and financial services are not born only in Wall Street anymore, hopes are they also rise in Curacao.

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